Possessing a clear understanding of the foods you can eat while eating Paleo will help you design your daily food plan. Lindeberg S. Food and American Disease: Health insurance and nourishment from an evolutionary perspective. (Wiley-Blackwell: 2010). etc. we know those occasions are out of the hands. Who would like to be mother that says no cake f… Read More

The paleolithic diet is a controversial one, mainly because of its basis in a few debatable theories, the most crucial of which being that modern humans are adapted to the diet of early on humans from the Paleolithic era, and our genetics have never changed since then. I finally kicked my dairy products habit” & haven't felt better in my 63 years… Read More

The Paleo Way has been designed to show you as you transition into this wonderfully health benefiting lifestyle that attracts on the key principals in our Hunter-Gatherer ancestors and modern-day knowledge and talents. While nut products are an integral part of the paleo diet, they aren't considered a staple. You are able to substitute nuts with ma… Read More

A cheese-lover's perspective on this complete caveman-eating situation. Detractors say that the digestive abilities of today's modern human are different to those of the early human. In addition they mention the lack of vitamin D and calcium - dairy is basically banned, away from grass-fed butter - and the notion that it's ultimately a crash diet t… Read More

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news headlines sent right to you. Dairy is a touchy subject. It's extensively considered a grey area in the Paleo community. A lot of the world's inhabitants cannot tolerate lactose, the sweets found in dairy. Mass commercially-produced dairy originates from industrially farmed cows, undesired fr… Read More